Improving cyber safety, increasing digital literacy and reducing cyber bullying across Australia


Over the past two decades, our lives have been transformed by a digital revolution, opening up a world of possibilities.

Children are the greatest beneficiaries of the digital era and are learning to navigate the online world at a younger and younger age. However, digital skills, participation and access to online services are important for the whole community. At all ages.

eSmart uses a cultural change approach to improve cyber safety, increase digital literacy and reduce cyber bullying across Australia.
When interacting online, we all need to be educated in how to act in a smart, safe and responsible way, and we need to know how to pass this knowledge onto our children. We need to know what to do if children are exposed to age-inappropriate content, encounter cyber bullying, or when they might be putting their privacy at risk.

eSmart provides a prevention and risk management framework for Australian schools and libraries to help them better integrate cyber safety practices and promote the safe use of online technology in their community.


eSmart Libraries

eSmart Libraries helps public libraries better integrate cyber safety and wellbeing practices and promote the safe use of online technology in their communities.

Backed by an investment of $8 million by the Telstra Foundation, eSmart Libraries is working to connect Australia's 1,500 public libraries with the eSmart Framework and is already in more than 70% of libraries across the country.

There is no fee for a library to join eSmart Libraries in order to gain access to the framework, resources, newsletters and support available.

eSmart Libraries Fact Sheet


eSmart Schools

eSmart Schools is a behaviour-change initiative designed to help schools improve cyber safety and reduce cyber bullying and bullying.

eSmart Schools provides a framework that guides the introduction of policies, practices and whole-school change processes to support the creation of a cybe rsafe or eSmart environment. eSmart Schools is now in over 2,200 schools across the country.

eSmart Schools was developed by RMIT University in consultation with cyber safety, bullying, education and industry experts from across Australia. In 2010, eSmart was piloted in 159 schools across Australia with funding from the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

eSmart Schools Fact Sheet

To find out more and to register for eSmart Schools or eSmart Libraries visit

eSmart Website

eSmart Stories


'Using social media responsibly' by Kerang South Primary School

Students from Grade 4 and 5 at eSmart School Kerang South Primary in Victoria, have come together to create this fantastic video about cybersafety and using social media responsibly.

04 May 2016

Every library in ACT is safer online with eSmart accreditation

All nine library branches in the Australian Capital Territory are safer, smarter and more responsible after achieving eSmart status.

28 April 2016

Wanneroo leads the way in WA

In WA, Wanneroo Libraries is the state’s first library service to achieve eSmart status.

12 April 2016

One year on: 177,000 students are safer online thanks to the Digital Licence

Celebrating the one year anniversary of the eSmart Digital Licence, we are pleased to see over 177,000 children have signed up to take the challenge and are well on their way to being smart, safe and responsible online.

04 March 2016

Congratulations Noosa Library Service

Noosa Library Services achieves eSmart status.

08 June 2016

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