Consultancy Packages

TraCS packages are structured specifically to enable your staff to work with our Consultants across time. Each package provides an opportunity for Consultants to develop a strong working relationship with your team and to develop strategies in partnership with your staff that support the social and emotional wellbeing of the children that you work with. Through the provision of live coaching and support, coupled with reflective spaces and workshops, the TraCS program aims to build your capability, confidence and the wellbeing of your team.

Our packages include the following elements:

Organisational meeting

Meeting with identified educators and key internal stakeholders within your organisation is an important first step in understanding the philosophy, policies and procedures that underpin your service. This provides critical context for the delivery of our service and allows us to tailor a solution that is specific for your needs.

Observation and needs assessment

Having your TraCS Consultant meet with you to explore the challenges faced by your team and to observe the children and the education or service environment is a critical element within our packages. With this understanding, our Consultants will then develop a tailored plan in collaboration with you to address the key needs identified.

In session support

Through a live coaching approach that brings a trauma informed lens into the space, we are able to work alongside you during the session to support your work with vulnerable children. Subject to consent, we may also be able to provide support with planning and referral for particular children and families who are vulnerable and require additional services.

Out of session support

Working with educators when the children are not in session provides a valuable opportunity for staff to reflect on their work, including the interventions and strategies that they are applying to manage complex behaviours. As well as creating a space to plan for the needs of vulnerable children, it also provides a space for staff to discuss and reflect on their work to help prevent burnout and vicarious trauma.


Phone consultations between visits are an important tool for continued support and learning. Your TraCS Consultant will be available to you over the phone to help manage and support challenges that arise.

Package elements

Prices are calculated based on the location of your kinder, early learning centre or school, the number of groups and the service elements you require. Packages have been designed to provide a baseline of meaningful contact and are customised to provide the most cost-effective way of delivering service based on your location (metro Melbourne, inner rural and outer rural).

As our packages are designed to work with one group of educators and children, prices are PER GROUP with discounts available for second or additional groups. For services with multiple kinders or groups, early learning centres or schools, you may wish to consider a co-located TraCS Consultant which offers significant value.

We can also offer training to your educators and would recommend this to embed trauma informed practice. Please click here to find out more about adding training to your TraCS service. 

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