Trauma Consultancy Service (TraCS)


Trauma comes in many forms and children who have experienced trauma can be very difficult for early years staff to manage – exhibiting challenging behaviours as well as difficulties regulating emotions. They can require intensive support to get them ‘school ready’.

Drawing on the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s extensive experience working with vulnerable children, our Trauma Consultancy Service (TraCS) helps educators working with children affected by trauma to understand the challenging behaviours being exhibited and how best to respond to them. Working in partnership with you, we leverage your expertise in child development and pedagogy, applying a trauma lens to understand the drivers of challenging behaviour and strengthen your skills, knowledge and capacity to support children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

With a multidimensional approach to service delivery, TraCS enables our consultants to:

  • develop a relationship with you so that, together, we can be truly impactful
  • come to you, so that work is undertaken collaboratively and in context
  • be responsive to your needs and customise the service to suit your setting.

TraCS is on the Department of Education and Training School Readiness Funding menu however, we also offer flexible packages for other services that work with children. 


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Our Trauma Consultancy Service and Monash University

In partnership with Monash University's Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation, we are currently undertaking a significant and comprehensive 12-month evaluation of the TraCS program.

Across a 12-month period we will:

  • examine the evidence-base that underpins the TraCS program
  • conduct an independent evaluation of the outcomes and impact achieved as a result of the TraCS program
  • develop an ongoing monitoring and evaluation framework that supports the Foundation in identifying program benefits in a rigorous and systematic way.

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