What the practitioners do, and package prices

Our early years trauma consultants have extensive experience supporting traumatised children, with:

  • qualifications in social work, psychology and/or allied disciplines
  • more than five years experience each – working in family violence, child protection, out of home care and/or related fields
They can help you to practice in a trauma informed way, providing the following.


Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is the first step in the Early Years Trauma Consultancy Service (TraCS). A TraCS practitioner will come and meet with you to explore issues faced by early years staff and to observe* the kinder environment. They will then develop a tailored plan to address key needs.

* During Assessment, observation is undertaken in one of your kinder groups/sessions, but can be undertaken in more groups/sessions if you supplement your package with Value Adds.

Centre-based consults

A TraCS practitioner will come to you for a centre-based consult three times a term.

During a centre-based consult, a TraCS practitioner will undertake assessment and observation, and can provide trauma-informed advice, resources and strategies, as well as support with planning and referral. Depending on the needs of your kinder, the TraCS practitioner can work with early years staff in and/or out of the kinder session times. 

More detail on the in and out of session inclusions can be found below:


In session inclusions
TraCS consultants work with early years staff in session,* offering real time:

Out of session inclusions
TraCS consultants work with early years staff out of session with up to 10 early years staff (individually or in groups), creating the space for:

Observation – we will assess and advise you educators while embedded within your early learning environment. Professional reflection – we help early years staff become more aware of their own emotional responses to the children, and help them understand the impacts of their responses.
Coaching – we will guide early years staff in responding to challenging behaviours as they present.

Professional development – to support early years staff to develop their skills in addressing trauma-based behaviours.

Role modelling – we will guide you through trauma-informed practice. Organisational development – to build the capability of the kinder service (as a whole) to recognise and respond to trauma by supporting the integration of Trauma Informed Frameworks into the physical and relational environments of the kinder.

* In-session work is undertaken with one of your kinder groups/sessions but can be undertaken with more groups/sessions if you purchase package Value Adds.

Phone consults

Phone consults enable your early years staff to consult with a TraCS practitioner over the phone for up to two hours per term. During phone consults, the TraCS practitioner can provide trauma informed advice and referral support.


Training is delivered by a TraCS practitioner to up-to 20 staff at a venue of your choosing. It is designed to be delivered as a full day session but can be delivered in modular form over several sessions by mutual agreement.

Drawing from the disciplines of social work, psychology and education, training offers early years staff the opportunity to explore the impact of trauma on learning through:

  • Trauma theory – the neurobiological and psychological impact of abuse and neglect
  • Child development theory – impacts of trauma and repeated trauma on ‘normal’ development
  • Attachment theory – the importance of human relationships to development and the impacts of trauma and repeated trauma.

Our TraCS practitioner will support early years staff to:

  • Examine how their experiences working with children affected by trauma have affected them
  • Develop plans for self-care.

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