Early Childhood Trauma Consultancy Service

Early Childhood TraCS

Supporting early childhood staff in dealing with trauma

The Early Childhood Trauma Consultancy Service (TraCS) provides early childhood staff with support to work with children whose lives are affected by trauma.

TraCS assists educators to understand and respond to specific behavioural challenges, including problems with self-regulation, impulse control and reactivity.

Exposure to trauma such as community and family violence, developmental abuse, neglect as well as natural disasters can impact a child’s ability to learn. Memory, language, social functioning, self-regulation, the need for control, attachments and peer relationships can all be negatively impacted.

TraCS also provides a safe and supportive setting for kindergarten staff to manage their own emotional responses to these challenges. It gives them a forum to debrief from difficult interactions with children or parents and by doing this, the rate of burnout and isolation - common at many centres due to high needs of the local community – is significantly reduced.

Teachers and early years educators play a significant role in establishing connections with traumatised children so they are able to engage in learning.

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