A sanctuary for children in the Broadmeadows and Melbourne Children’s Courts

Cubby House

Providing comfort for children dealing with traumatic family situations

The Cubby House is an Australian-first initiative that provides a supportive and safe haven for children and young people dealing with traumatic family situations in the Broadmeadows and Melbourne Children’s Courts.

Staffed by a qualified and experienced youth worker, the award winning Cubby House aims to reduce the effects of trauma associated with attending court by providing a safe, calm and engaging space for children and young people who have been removed from their home because they are at risk.

In traditional court environments, children are placed in a room with few amenities and often minimal comfort or entertainment, which can be highly negative and an unsuitable environment for traumatised children and young people.

Children often wait at length in a traditional children’s court setting. They may sit in a room, being watched by supervisors, with little entertainment or distraction, and these children are often extremely vulnerable as decisions are being made about their futures in court.

Providing a space which assists in reducing trauma and conflict, the Cubby House is a supportive, engaging and distracting area that plays a critical role in promoting wellbeing and positive environment for both children and Department of Health and Human Services staff (DHHS). It provides a productive work space for DHHS with oversight to the children’s area as they retain duty of care for children and young people whilst at court.

Download the Cubby House Factsheet here. 

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