Intensive, therapeutic support to help children recover from significant trauma or violence

Children Ahead

Hundreds of thousands of children live with violence in the home

In Australia there are hundreds of thousands of children living with violence in the home. The violence they experience often affects their physical and emotional development – they may feel insecure, have difficulties learning and managing their emotions. They may also find it difficult to trust others and find themselves unsure of their place in the world.

These children need support to recover.

They need support to thrive.

They need support to help break the cycle of violence.

Children Ahead provides intensive, therapeutic support for children and young people aged up to 18 years to assist with their recovery from significant trauma or violence.

Through research, evidence and experience we know that for children and young people to recover from violence they need a safe, predictable and stable environment, as well as the opportunity to express and communicate their feelings, positive relationships, connection to family, and resilience. 

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How We Support


Having positive learning opportunities at school helps prepare children and young people for the future. We work with schools, families and children to overcome education obstacles caused by trauma.

Wellbeing & Life Skills

We use age-appropriate therapeutic tools and activities to help each child and young person speak openly and safely about their experiences and feelings. They learn skills to build self-esteem and resilience and manage strong emotions.


Children and young people benefit from positive relationships. We help them build friendships, trust and develop social, communication and conflict resolution skills. We link them in with their local community by helping them access recreational and skills-based activities. Through this they can build social skills and self-confidence and develop a sense of belonging.

Family Wellbeing

We help parents and carers understand their child’s behaviour from a trauma perspective and learn ways to respond differently.

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