Helping children in emergency accommodation feel safe and secure

Buddy Bags

Every year 60,000 children are in emergency accommodation

These children often need to leave their homes with such urgency that they arrive with nothing more than what they are wearing. 

Imagine being a child, having to leave everything that is familiar behind. Everything. Worrying about where you will live. Not knowing when you'll see your parents again. Whether you'll be separated from your siblings. Most of these children are hurt and scared, too young to comprehend what is happening. 

Then imagine sleeping the night in a strange environment and not even being able to brush your teeth or having PJs to change into. No teddy bear to cling to in this strange, new place. No basic essentials at all.  

Our Buddy Bags program helps these children by providing them with a backpack of basic essential items on arrival.

They're simple, everyday items most of us take for granted: toothbrush, hairbrush, a pillowcase, facewasher, pyjamas, socks, underwear, as well as a book, activity kit, photo frame and teddy bear. 

In addition to providing material aid, Buddy Bags helps restore a sense of safety and security into these children's lives during this very scary and unstable time - which is one of the vital first steps to recovery. 

The Foundation has distributed more than 70,000 Buddy Bags to children in emergency accommodation, but with thousands more children in care each year, we still need your help. 

Buddy Bags Fact Sheet

How You Can Help

We rely on community support and donations to help deliver Buddy Bags to children in emergency accommodation.

  • AMF_Icongraphy_White_AMF_60,000BuddyBags.png $50 Buys a full Buddy Bag for a child in need
  • AMF_Icongraphy_White_eSmart_98%Principals_Male.png $25 Buys toiletries, underwear and pyjamas for a child
  • AMF_Icongraphy_White_NCAB_1in4Children.png $10 buys toiletries for a child

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Other Ways You Can Help

  • Making a donation towards Buddy Bags.
  • Donate a Buddy Bag in lieu of a gift 
  • Buying a red reusable tote bag in Target stores nationally - profits go towards the Buddy Bags program 
  • Donating bulk products towards Buddy Bags
  • Organising a team building activity - Buddy Bags Charity Hunt through Uplift Events
  • If you are interested in helping our Buddy Bags Program please contact us on 03 9697 0666

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