What we do

Care. Prevention. Advocacy.

We champion and strengthen the rights of children and young people to be free from violence and trauma wherever they live, learn and play.


Our Care programs provide support for children and young people who have experienced violence or trauma – and for their families, carers and communities.

Buddy Bags

Backpacks thoughtfully packed for vulnerable children experiencing crisis or trauma, or who are doing it tough in emergency foster care.

Children Ahead

Intensive, long-term therapeutic support for children and young people to help their recovery from significant trauma or violence.

Cubby House

A haven for children and young people dealing with traumatic family situations in the Broadmeadows and Melbourne Children’s Courts.


Trauma Consultancy Service, supporting families, carers and educators working with children affected by trauma.


We empower young people to be positive digital citizens and to change the culture of bullying.


Giving children, educators and families essential skills to reduce exposure to online harm, and to navigate the digital world safely.

Dolly's Dream

Educating young people, parents and carers to prevent bullying – online, at school and beyond – focusing on rural, regional and remote communities.

Young person calling a helpline

Crushed But Okay

Equipping young men with strategies to manage rejection, when online intimate relationships don’t go the way we expect or hope.


The safety of children and young people is why we are here. Our child-rights framework informs everything we do.

It drives our mission to ensure that all government, community and business decision making considers the best interests of the child, first and always.

It’s their right. And it’s our ongoing mission to make it happen.

Our advocacy agenda

Girl laughing

Gun safety

Safety by design in emerging technology

Children as victims of crime


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Help children and young people live free from violence and trauma.

For them. For 25 years. And for tomorrow.

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