Family stories of connection during social isolation

This Digital Home

Staying connected through social isolation

This Digital Home is a social research project that examines the changing aspect of technology for Australian families in staying connected, informed and healthy through social isolation.

The project is finding ways to strengthen social cohesion amid families and the wider community, particularly as we all continue to adjust with the ‘new normal’ of social distancing.

A glimpse into Australian homes

Digital technology is now in all Australian homes. Families are aware of the challenges and issues digital technology presents and they need support in resolving the tensions created by technology to ensure it has a beneficial role in family life.

This compelling piece of new research offers intimate stories and insights that have important implications for parents and the technology industry, as well as for policymakers and researchers.

Find out how you can begin to consider your approach and better support Australian families as they manage the challenges presented by this new normal. Watch the video and then read the This Digital Home report.


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This Digital Home, supported by Facebook, is a social research program examining the changing aspect of technology for Australian families in staying connected, informed and healthy through social isolation.

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Key takeaways

For parents & families

This Digital Home has identified that parents and families need to share their stories, challenges and needs more – with each other, with those who build technology and those who govern technology. This report shows that at a household level there is work to be done to better support that parents, children and families benefit more from the presence of digital technology in their lives.

For technology companies

This Digital Home demonstrates that digital technology brings benefits to families, but that it can also have a range of negative impacts. Creators of technology and associated tools need to better understand those negative impacts and design solutions that reduce and eliminate them. There are many opportunities to improve and create new digital tools for families, and this report reasserts the importance of focusing on them.

For policymakers

This Digital Home gives insight into the ubiquitous presence of technology in homes and families' lives. These stories and responses from participants as part of this research shows that all areas of policy need to consider the impact and role digital technology plays when making future decisions. This is especially relevant in the current circumstances and post-pandemic. How can we design policy frameworks that maximise the benefits of technology for families?

Stories of connection

We received so many greats examples of ways families are using technology in the home. Below you'll find a snapshot of some of our favourite examples.



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