Shining a Light on Online Safety

Just as you make sure your child is safe in the real world, you need to help make sure the same applies in the online world.
As kids are online before they can read, it’s so important to help keep them safe – and teach them how to make the right decisions, no matter how old they are.

Technology, the associated risks and ways to identify them are continually changing, particularly as students’ advance through their school years.

Online safety should be a regular topic of conversation at home - they are much more likely to come to you if they run into trouble, which is exactly what you want.

Below are some helpful resources for kids and parents on cyber bullying. 

10 tips for children or young people to stand up to cyber bullying

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Cyber Bullied: the warning signs to look out for in your kids

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Ten tips for kids if you are being cyber bullied

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Ten ways kids can help educate their community about cyber bullying

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eSmart Digital Licence

We need to empower and enlighten our kids with knowledge so they make the right decisions online.

The eSmart Digital Licence is the most comprehensive online education program available for children in Australia – it teaches kids good behaviour and how to deal with bad behaviour online.

It was created by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation together with cyber safety experts, teachers and psychologists and is endorsed by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. 

Help light the darkness on cyber bullying by donating today. Just $10 can help provide one child with an eSmart Digital Licence which teaches them how to stay safe online. 


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