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Five hundred Queensland schools are on their way to becoming smart, safe and responsible online, thanks to the Queensland Government’s pledge of $450,000 in funding to Dolly’s Dream. Dolly's Dream is brought to you by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

The pledge was made in response to the Anti-Cyber bullying Taskforce Report, Adjust Our Settings: A community approach to address cyber bullying among children and young people in Queensland.

It is part of $3.5 million pledged to tackle the problem of cyber bullying.

Dolly’s Dream will match this funding with a further $300,000.

Thanks to this initiative, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation will roll out eSmart Schools to 100 schools, deliver 50 Connect workshops and provide 400 schools with the Digital Licence.

Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s CEO, Lesley Podesta, praised the Queensland Government and particularly Premier for her leadership and work to bring together a comprehensive state plan.
“We have to do everything possible to make sure children are safe from bullying,” she said.


eSmart is a set of educational tools for schools.

  • For principals, it’s a how-to-guide to address cyber risks and tackle bullying and cyber bullying.
  • For teachers, it offers lesson plans and training
  • For students, it offers classroom activities for active learning.
  • And parents learn how to see the signs of bullying and get help.

For more information, visit

eSmart Membership

eSmart Membership is the natural progression for schools and libraries that have reached eSmart Status.

Building on everything schools and libraries have learned and done to become eSmart, Membership will keep their knowledge up to date, ensuring they remain at the forefront of cyber safe thinking.   

With additional checklists, benefits and ongoing support from the eSmart Team, Membership will continue to keep communities smart, safe and responsible.

eSmart Digital Licence

Created by cyber safety experts, teachers and psychologists, the eSmart Digital Licence is a must-have online safety education program that teaches children good behaviour and how to deal with bad behaviour online. For more information, visit

Connect Workshops

A speaker and consultancy service providing cyber safety, bullying and care information through workshops and seminars to schools, workplaces and the community, Connect workshops are developed by the Foundation and expertly delivered by our experienced facilitators. For more information, visit

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