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eSmart Schools supports schools to develop a culture that promotes smart, safe and responsible use of technology.

It forms part of a school's broader approach to curriculum, student wellbeing and its school safety policies that are underpinned by a culture of inclusion, positive relationships and bullying prevention. 

More than 2,300 schools around the country are currently participating in eSmart.

The eSmart Framework is flexible and adaptive, using a whole-of-school approach to equip schools with the necessary skills to make the responsible use of technology a normal part of every young person’s life. It supports students to embrace the benefits of technology while reducing their exposure to, and improving their ability to, respond appropriately to cyber risks.

Becoming an eSmart school involves the school participating in an eSmart journey that is supported by a team of eSmart Advisors at the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. This team supports schools to:

  • integrate cyber safety with current knowledge and practices in student wellbeing
  • include elements of cyber safety and wellbeing and the smart use of technology into current curricula
  • provide an agreed set of protocols, a strong set of values and behaviour to guide everyday practice
  • increase recognition and effective, timely and consistent responses to on and offline bullying, smart, safe and
         responsible use of technologies and behaviour management
  • work effectively with parents and the community in helping to keep young people stay safe on and offline.

For further information about eSmart – and to check which schools are eligible for funding – please contact the eSmart Helpdesk on 1300 592 151 or via

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