Face Your Fear

What is Face Your Fear?

Face Your Fear is for individuals or group who are up for a challenge! It involves choosing something you are afraid of and completing an activity or experience involving that fear. For example, if you are afraid of heights, you might conquer that fear by skydiving or bungee jumping; if you have a spider phobia, you might find the courage to hold a tarantula. It’s an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone for a good cause by partaking in a new experience and fundraising for the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.


What is involved in Face Your Fear?

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Why Face Your Fear?

Every day in Australia there are children and young people who are alone; who are the victims of abuse and violence. It is hard to imagine the fear these children live with, and the courage that they must show to face each day. For many, this includes the fear and uncertainty of being in a new home, fear of being apart from family, fear for the future and fear of being hurt by the people who are supposed to keep you safe.

By participating in Face Your Fear, you can help us care for vulnerable children who face their fears each day.

Examples of common fears (and how to overcome them)

Fear of heights - skydive, bungee jump, rock climb, parasail, abseil, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or step out onto the glass floor at Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

Fear of spiders/snakes/sharks - hold a spider or snake at the zoo, or dive with sharks at the aquarium.

Fear of public speaking - chair a meeting at work, or perform a presentation in school.

Fear of darkness - complete a maze/escape room, or enter a haunted house.

Who else is facing their fear?

Lynne - Faced her fear of heights by skydiving! 
Dana - Faced her fear of public speaking by presenting a segment on The Project.


After facing my fear I felt like I was on cloud 9, I achieved something I never thought I would do." - Lynne
Disclaimer: By participating in Face Your Fear, including by engaging in any activity or using any service to 'face your fear', you acknowledge and agree that you are doing so solely at your own risk and that the Alannah & Madeline Foundation is not responsible for providing you with that service. You release the Alannah & Madeline Foundation (and its sponsors, directors, officers, staff, volunteers and representatives) from any and all liability for any injury, death, damages or losses whatsoever that may arise from your participation in the activity or use of the service. Where the Alannah & Madeline Foundation organises your ‘face your fear’ activity, it makes no representations or warranties about the service provider or the quality of the services that they provide.

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