Buddy Run

Buddy Run

We are excited to be bringing you something different for our Buddy Run in 2021 – the Colour Explosion Fun Run!
More details will be coming soon on how you can spread colour and kindness at your school and say no to bullying!
For more information contact community@amf.org.au.

Colour Run

One in four children are bullied at school

Bullying can have a severe effect on a child and can impact their self-esteem, behaviour and ability to succeed at school.

The effects of bullying can last a lifetime, and we want to make a change and keep fighting against the serious issue that is bullying and cyber-bullying.

Our Buddy Run took inspiration from our International Patron, HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who holds a very similar event, now in its 13th year, called the ‘Free of Bullying Children’s Relay’.

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