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Words hurt, but words can also help. If you see someone getting bullied, say something.

NAB and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation have come together to help reduce bullying. We're encouraging everyone to find a voice for someone who can't find theirs.

The powerful ‘Say Something’ campaign highlights the important role bystanders can play during instances of bullying. Bullying behaviour can be reinforced when people watch and do nothing. When bystanders stand up to bullying, while in a safe and supportive environment, the bullying behaviour is more likely to stop.

Research has revealed Australians who witness instances of bullying are more likely to stay quiet than say something.

Australian research on bullying commissioned by NAB.
The Say Something campaign runs in free community service announcement-allocated space across TV, print, radio, online, outdoor and cinema. All campaign production costs were fully funded by NAB.

Five tips for school students who witness bullying behaviour

1. Stay safe and never put yourself in danger. Only intervene if it is safe to do so.

2. If you feel it's safe and you have support, tell the person who is bullying to stop, that it's not OK.

3. If the behaviour doesn't stop, walk away - being part of the audience is being part of the problem.

4. Afterwards, talk to the student who was being bullied to make sure they're OK.

5. Tell a teacher or other adult what you saw.

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