Our gun laws must stay strong to keep our community safe

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is devastated to read about the Las Vegas shooting. We work to keep children safe from violence and from the harm of firearms. Australia is still a safe place to live due to our strong gun laws, and Las Vegas is another terrible reminder of what can happen when those laws are ineffectual.

We are grateful for the bipartisan support that we enjoy in Australia for robust gun control, a policy that has overwhelming support in our community.  We welcome Prime Minister Turnbull’s statement this morning that we cannot “set and forget” the policies that help keep us safe.

We have grave concerns about the constant efforts to water down our National Firearms Agreement which sets minimum standards for the control of guns across all states and territories - decisions by state governments which undermine our national agreement, such as abolishing the requirement to conduct security checks when a firearms licence holder seeks to accumulate additional hunting firearms, or to remove the 28-day waiting period for subsequent firearms.

Australians are very proud of our gun laws and the strong stand taken by our political leadership after Port Arthur.  We know that robust laws reduce the threat of guns to public safety.  They reduce the threat to safety in our homes. They help protect our Australian families. When people do not abide by our gun laws and when our governments don’t fully enforce the agreed standards, our communities pay the consequences. The deaths of children, the deaths of their mothers - these deaths reverberate. These deaths create huge trauma.

Safety must always be the most important issue when considering gun laws and firearm regulation.

For more information, call Deb Morris, PR & Media Advisor, on 0450 784 847.

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