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Media Release - Tuesday 22 November, 2016

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is urging the Prime Minister and Premiers to show leadership at the next Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting to keep the nation’s gun laws strong.

The call comes following an attempt in the Senate overnight to disallow the Government’s own ban on the importation of the Adler A110, which can fire up to eight shots in quick succession.

The ban imposed in July 2015, at the urging of police and security agencies, has ensured an estimated 7,000 weapons on back-order have not been allowed to flood into Australia.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation CEO Lesley Podesta said the move was disappointing given the serious community safety consequences of removing the importation ban on such a powerful weapon.

“The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is pleased the ban on the Adler A110 remains firmly in place,” Ms Podesta said. “This is a potentially deadly weapon that can fire up to eight shots in quick succession and it should be classified as such.

“There are thousands of these guns on back-order and we don’t want to see them to flood into Australia without the tightest restrictions.

“Now it is time for COAG to ensure we keep our gun laws strong and keep Australians safe from gun violence.”

Almost 60,000 people have signed the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s petition calling for tighter restrictions on the Adler A110. The Foundation will present the signatures to the Prime Minister and State Premiers ahead of the COAG meeting on December 9.

“The majority of Australians support tight restrictions on gun ownership and we’re pleased the ban remains in place despite the efforts of some Senators."

“Gun control should not be a political play thing in this country. We do not want to become the US where there are more guns than people and mass shootings are commonplace.”

“There is no question the laws that Prime Minister John Howard and Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer fought so hard for following the tragedy of Port Arthur have made Australia safer.”

“The Alannah & Madeline Foundation calls on the Prime Minister and Premiers to do the right thing and uphold the integrity of John Howard's laws.”

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation was founded by Walter Mikac who lost both his daughters and his wife in the Port Arthur tragedy. Over the past two decades Mr Mikac has worked tirelessly to keep children safe from violence, including gun violence.

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