Keeping Australia safe from gun violence

Victory! Our petition has helped keep Australia’s gun laws strong

20 years after our nation acted to stop more firearm deaths.

Australia's gun laws are being challenged, putting all Australians and our children at risk. 

We support strengthening the National Firearms Agreement to keep Australians safe.

Alannah & Madeline Foundation CEO Lesley Podesta and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation welcomed the decision by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to classify the seven-shot Adler as a Category D firearm.

Category D is the highest available classification for firearms under the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) and reflects the Adler’s capacity to fire up to eight shots in quick succession. 

CEO Lesley Podesta said she was pleased with the outcome but the Foundation would continue to monitor gun laws to ensure they’re not undermined.

“We are going to have a good look at the detail but this looks like a very positive outcome,” Ms Podesta said.

“This is obviously an issue very close to the Foundation’s heart and we worked very hard to make sure the right decision was made.

“The vast majority of Australians support our strong gun laws because they have kept us all safer, and we’re pleased our leaders have heard that loud and clear.”

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Here are a few of Australians who have voiced their support to maintain our strong gun laws:


The Hon Colin James Barnett Premier of Western Australia.


The Hon Julia Gillard Former Prime Minister of Australia.


Jeremy Jones AM 2007 Australian Human Rights Medallist, Jewish Community Leader and Interfaith Activist.


Melissa Doyle AM Television presenter, author and personality.


Andrew Gaze AM Former professional basketball player.


Dr Helen Szoke Oxfam Australia Chief Executive.


Phillip Adams AO Social commentator, broadcaster, filmmaker, author and farmer.


Ann Sherry AO Carnival Australia CEO.


Dr Mark Wenitong Indigenous health leader.


Phil Carswell OAM Queensland AIDS activist and historian.


The Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP Federal Member for Fenner Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Shadow Minister for Competition and Productivity, Trade in Services, Charities and Not-for-profits

Protect our gun laws.
Protect our children.

As a result of the National Firearms Agreement introduced in the wake of the Port Arthur tragedy, Australia has one of the lowest gun-related death rates in the developed world.


  • guns.png 11 Massacres in the decade prior to Port Arthur there were 11 mass shootings.
  • flowers.png 35 Killed 35 people died at the Port Arthur tragedy, which prompted the introduction of new legislation.
  • ThinkstockPhotos-495142874.png (1) 0 Cases There have been 0 incidents of mass shooting in Australia since the National Firearms Agreement was established.

Walter Mikac's Story

A significant legacy, and one of the only good things to come of the 1996 Port Arthur tragedy, the day I lost my wife Nanette and daughter's Alannah and Madeline, was the establishment of the
National Firearms Agreement.

When the National Firearms Agreement was introduced more than 700,000 guns were collected and destroyed. Since that time, there has not been one mass shooting in Australia.

Alarmingly, over the past ten years Australia’s firearms regulations have weakened and there is pressure from pro-gun groups to introduce guns with a rapid rate of fire into the community.

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation opposes any changes to laws that could increase access to firearms and the affiliated increased risk of higher rates of homicides, suicide, or unintentional harm from the use of firearms.

Australia can be proud of its National Firearms Agreement and I ask you to stand with us to ensure they remain strong and our children are kept safe by signing our petition.

#GunControl #KeepChildrenSafe

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