School Fundraising Ideas

Can you think of a fun way to engage your classmates, teachers and Principal to help keep children safe? We can – it’s called FUNdraising!

School fundraisingBy harnessing the support of Principal, pupils, teachers and parents you can make a positive impact in the lives of children affected by violence and bullying. And we’ve got lots of great school fundraising ideas for how your class or school community can get involved!

Why not hold a gold coin fundraiser? You could create a free dress day, sizzle a sausage, bake cookies and slices, or play at movie at lunchtime. 

School fundraising can be FUN and EASY. Simply choose something that everyone can do and watch your gold coin jar fill up!

 Fundraising Steps:

 Choose your activity – Disco dance off, art exhibition, sausage sizzle - the choices are endless!

 Scope your event – get the support of your principal and teachers. Pick a date, time and location.

 Make it official – contact to gain approval and receive your Letter of Authority to Fundraise.

 Promote your school fundraising –advertise your activity in your school newsletter and put up posters or hand out flyers. Ask every student to bring a gold coin on the day.

 FUNdraise – this is the fun part. Host your activity, have fun, raise awareness, collect donations and take lots of photos!

 Share your success – get in touch with us and let us know how you went. We love to hear all about your fundraising activities. We provide each of our amazing school fundraisers with a Certificate of Appreciation and love to share your stories with our supporters. 

Below are 20 school fundraising ideas to support us in our 20th year: 

  1. Host a teachers versus students sports day
  2. Get baking and sell cupcakes and slices
  3. Host a disco dance off
  4. Sizzle a sausage at lunchtime
  5. Make a giant ‘20’ out of 20 cent pieces around your school
  6. Dress up as your idol or what you want to be when you grow up
  7. Wear purple day
  8. Create a DIY Market Stall or school fete
  9. Sponsor your principal to spray their hair purple for a week
  10. Host a fashion show
  11. Do a gold coin drive
  12. Hold an art exhibition and sell your artworks
  13. Hold a T20 cricket match for a gold coin
  14. Do a team fun run
  15. Play a movie at lunchtime
  16. Display your talents in a talent quest
  17. Speak at your assembly about bullying
  18. Hold a colouring competition for each grade or year level
  19. Make an anti-bullying video contest
  20. Decorate your classroom in purple 

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