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Australia's Cuddliest Toy

Australia's Cuddliest Toy

Our Buddy Bags provide children recovering from trauma with everyday items they need. Many of these children flee situations with little more than the clothes on their back. Our Buddy Bags offer hope and a sense of security in a time of need. 

Included in each of these bags is a cuddly toy. For many children these toys give them a much-needed friend to hold in a time of crisis. 

Very soon, we will be packing our 100,000th Buddy Bag, and we want to mark this moment by packing our favourite cuddly toy into the backpack, but we need your help deciding who gets crowned "Australia's Cuddliest Toy". 

Below you can read about four of our cuddly friends. We want you to vote for your favourite one.

To vote, simply make a donation of $5 or more and select which toy you would like your donation attributed to. The toy that generates the most donation dollars will be crowned our winner!

Go on, show us your soft side. 

Introducing the toys

Henry comes to us from the outskirts of the city. He’s a sensitive soul – some may say soft-hearted – and just a little bit shy.

Henry loves crafting, and is looking for a friend to draw with him. He loves listening to music while he crafts, and hopes you do too!

Favourite colour: Purple

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Shanks is our friend from regional Australia. A little while ago Shanks moved away from his family, and he’s been feeling lonely ever since.

Shanks is a kind lamb who loves rolling down grassy hills in the sunshine. He’s looking for a new friend to adopt him and go to the park with him.

Favourite colour: Green

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Jesse loves playing sport with friends! She loves playing netball, tennis and swimming, and is looking for a friend to play with.

Jesse lives in the city, but even amid the hustle and bustle she maintains an easy going attitude. She’s a good friend who will always be there for you.

Favourite colour: Yellow

Vote for Jesse

Ritzy is a socialite. She lives near the beach, and loves nothing more than chasing the ball and hanging out by the sea with her friends.

At the end of her busy days Ritzy likes to wind down and curl up with a nice book. She’s looking for a fellow bookworm to be her friend and read with her in her favourite chair.

Favourite colour: Blue

Vote for Ritzy

Got a favourite?

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