Image based bullying: time for an open conversation

Standing up against image based bullying

With one in five young Australian women experiencing image based bullying, the need to talk openly about how to protect themselves has never been greater.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation has joined forces with the Supré Foundation, taking an innovative stand against image based bullying with its new campaign, Share This! Image Based Bullying is Not Ok.

Otherwise known as sexting, image based bullying is when intimate or sexual photos or videos are shared online without consent, either to humiliate or shame someone, or for ‘entertainment’.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s Head of Knowledge and Innovation, Melanie Healy, said around 15 percent of girls aged 15 to 17 have experienced this, and the effects can be devastating.

“Research tells us that 76 percent of young people who have experienced image based bullying didn’t report the incident, even though 33 percent of them had their names shared along with the image – all of this without consent.

“Conversations around consent and respectful relationships are vital. Image based bullying is not only damaging, humiliating and shaming, it’s also illegal,” said Melanie.

This ground-breaking campaign will educate and empower young people – as well as adults – around these issues, helping also to change behaviours and perceptions. This is being done through in-school workshops, an awareness campaign and a free, pocket-size booklet available in Supré’s 90 stores across Australia.

The booklet, along with a microsite and a downloadable eBook, delivering information and support in language that resonates with young people, while promoting positive conversations about online interactions that cross generations and genders.

To download a free copy of Share This! Image Based Bullying. So Not Ok. eBook, visit or pick up a copy from your nearest Supré store.

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